Joe Cortez: “I Made the Signal, You Don’t Have to Say Anything”

In a piece focusing on referee Joe Cortez by Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles Times, the veteran, highly (and consistently) criticized official had this to say about his performance in the controversial Mayweather vs Ortiz fight from Saturday night:

“I made the signal,” he said. “You don’t have to say anything. These guys know the rules.”

… “Victor made two mistakes,” Cortez said. “His first one was being a bad boy, and his second one was being too much of a good boy.”

I think most would prefer Cortez not describe Victor Ortiz as a “bad boy” or a “good boy” because it’s just a little bit unsettling.

So this makes him even more to blame, I think. It’s not whether or not you have to say anything, it’s that usually someone does. There are a lot of things you don’t have to do, and you can skirt by at your job and go unnoticed and who really cares, you’re just a guy at work.

But Joe Cortez was given the highest-profile assignment that there is to give in professional boxing, a Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao fight. This wasn’t the time to do the bare minimum, and I think those familiar with Cortez’s recent performances largely agree that he’s just not a good referee anymore.

Cortez has trademarked that “I’m fair but I’m firm!” catchphrase, which is cute. But he should stop saying it. He might be fair (at least by intention), but he’s far from firm, and his days as a working referee would be numbered if anyone who mattered were up to admitting that their officials have been bad for any length of time, but expect nothing to come of this, since he was, technically, legally, perfectly OK. If an upside of “average” is good enough, then sure, keep giving him the fights. But he’s proven time and again when he has to make a quick decision, he’s not up to par, and while he wasn’t wrong in this case, he still wasn’t good enough.

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14 thoughts on “Joe Cortez: “I Made the Signal, You Don’t Have to Say Anything”

  1. I know you protect yourself at all times. But, Ortiz was being punished for the head butt by the Ref. He lost a point, he was apologizing to his opponent, the ref never grabbed the fighters focused his attention on them and said fight! He started to get them together and start the fight but instead turned his attention outside the ring and was not watching the fighters. Yes, Ortiz should have protected himself but the ref’s attention was pulled from the fight and it was enough to distract Ortiz’s attention also. His opponent was facing that direction so he could see what was going on and took advantage of a major distraction to “SUCKER PUNCH” Ortiz. In my opinion that whole fiasco was planned for some time in the fight. Mayweather people hollering at the ref to distract him and once the ref looks away “Bam” Mayweather gets his cheap shot and wins! Then for the LOW CLASS actions of Mayweather to Larry Merchant. It’s easy to insult someone when your younger and quite capable of hurting him. Merchant forgot more about boxing thanMayweather will ever know. And from this point on Floyd Mayweather will be defined by his cheapshots and low class bullshit. He claims to know the Lord but the Lord loves us all. Mayweather only loves himself. He showed his ass by insulting someone who deserves respect due to his age. Mayweather lost his right to respect by showing his true colors. He was so afraid of Ortiz that he had to win by CHEAPSHOT!!! Floyd “Cheapshot” Mayweather, you have Defined your career! Just like Tyson only didn’t bite his ear. I really liked in the press conference when he was asked if he was planning the Cheapshot! You could tell he was caught. He could hardly think what to say when asked. That told me He was looking for any opportunity to win, be it fair or NOT, which it wasn’t. Any fight I’ve ever seen in 45 years the fighters don’t fight until the ref grabs both fighters and focuses his attenion to then, and that did not happen. Therefore, the only fair decision is to VACAT THE BELT and have a rematch with a ref and judges that are young, alert, unbiased and fair! Don’t give any of the purse to the two fighters. Take half and give it to charity and split it 50/50 and distribute it after the rematch! All that cussing and swearing shows the intelligence level of F.M. It’s low!

    • what are you talking about? mayweather was dominating the fight from round 1. ortiz landed a couple “WEAK” punches that didn’t phase mayweather at all, either way whether it was the 4th or 12th round floyd would’ve won, we all seen ortiz’ face before the knockdown nice and swollen. I hate the fact that people keep saying he has to cheat to win like he does something like this in every fight. The previous 41 fights haven’t even been close! so ortiz fans lets not get crazy you all seen what was going on quit trying to use every excuse to help your boy out and make him feel better his ass was gonna get dropped either way!

  2. Of course mayweather is made out of shit….so is that dirty refrreri….u deserve my big dick in ur daughters …mouth..mayweather. U know. Ur nothing but a dirty…pusssy everybody is tired of ur ugly and duckin laying shit…. If I knew u.i would rape ur kids like you feel whem you put thos gloves on. I ll feel the same.when I see ur wife….

  3. Of course mayweather is made out of shit….so is that dirty refrreri….u deserve my big dick in ur daughters …mouth..mayweather. U know. Ur nothing but a dirty…pusssy everybody is tired of ur ugly and duckin laying shit…. If I knew u.i would rape ur kids like you feel whem you put thos gloves on. I ll feel the same.when I see ur wife…. yeap yaep what can you say if ur words descrive you, but again what can we expect from us fuckin dirty black people…at least take a shower more often I can smell ur dirty black ass all the way here

  4. I’m black and proud…how d fuck cld boxing results, make u want 2 “rape” some1′s kids??? I’m ashamed 2 know these r d word of a proud black person(cynthia brandly howard)!!! I wish that I cld meet u face 2 face…beat some of that ignorance out of u’r dirty, disrespectful heart of u’rs! Fucking looser, u should b fucking shoot in u’r face on live tv 4 talking all that disrespectful shit!!! U know if u let ppl know who u r, it will b ‘hell 2 pay’?!? Hmmmmmmmmmm…

  5. moneymay is the best in tha game is not whos beter is who stay tha logest whit not losing he is tha best because he havent meat me

  6. Protect urself at all time isn’t that Wat they say before the fight? With that said I’m so sick of hearing about this Ortiz knockout. He never had a chance if it wasn’t the knockout mayweather would have got him eventually so ppl don’t get it twisted.why ppl ain’t talking about the head butts that Ortiz got the point deducted for.I’m not paying for paperview to hugs and kisses. Ortiz actually believe all the hype that his power was gonna get him the win but its not gonna do u no good if u r not ysmart.u can have all the speed and power in the world it ain’t gonna do u no good if u don’t know shit.

  7. Y does everyone hate on mayweather like y’all better than somebody. Now no matter how u look at it this was no body fault ortiz made a mistake but instead of him waiting until the end of the fight to apologize, he apologized one to many a mayweather capitalized and won the fight. Anybody who’s a true fan of boxing or fighting sports period in the ring or in the street knows that the golden rule of boxing is always KEEP YOUR GAURD UP AT ALL TIMES!!! There both great fighters and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to take that away from them. Now give mayweather a break and stop trying to put him down and instead thank him for being good at his passion/job and that goes for the ones hating on ortiz too. I’m a mayweather fan but others push things to far they take the joy out of watching it Mr. Merchant no disrespect but he didn’t have to be messy and do what he knew every fan and reporter would do, be a critic. Well I’m gone sorry about the punctuation.

    • And another thing stay off Joe Cortez back he did nothing wrong a trainned professional does not need a ref to hold there hands every step of the way Like there toddlers he knows his job he’s been doing it long enough to war to do and how to do it

  8. I feel sorry for the people who payed $60 to watch this fight, do you think they are happy about how the fight ended or do you think they feel they got ripped off. Mayweather is only interested in the money not the sport as could be seen with his boasting in the post interview of how he was making 60 million plus on this fight , saying which other boxer earns as much as him and how he doesn’t care what people think about the way he finished the fight.

    It’s coming to the point where mayweather thinks he is bigger then boxing , he feels he can dictate terms and conditions of fights, where people train , when they have blood tests , it’s all getting to much now he is a promoter and boxer .

    There is no denying his skill but he is no 8 division champion :-)

  9. I amazed at the ignorant and backward responses on this public forum. I’m a fan of Mayweather but I saw him “suckerpunch” Ortiz. That is usually O.K. in the “streets” but not in boxing. Mayweather was already beating Ortiz and did not NEED to cheat!

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